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Safety. What exactly is “safe” nowadays? 


Ever since the beginning of this pandemic we have not only been following the state-mandated laws and regulations, but making our own rules as well, taking it a step further than anyone else...


As far back as late February 2020 we gave our staff a crash course in cross-contamination and we started equipping our staff with masks and gloves, hand sanitizer and a new protocol to wash their hands more frequently than they were already doing. This still applies until today. 


Our establishment gets cleaned regularly throughout the day, inside and out. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable when you dine with us, get delivery or swing by to pick up food.


Space. We give you space. Having more space around you calls for a safer, more comfortable dining experience. Your food arrives covered, and masks are mandatory while entering, using restrooms and moving around the dining area. 


What does the future hold? We aren’t quite sure of that yet but we will always be here for our community like we have been since 1998 while being as safe as we can possibly be...


Stay safe everyone!

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